Community Agents

The Community Agent Program is designed to create leaders in the LGBTQ community by helping participants to develop leadership, facilitation, and professional skills and to build a greater sense of confidence. Program participants will also increase their understanding of LGBTQ history, community, and culture. The program begins with an initial training, referred to as the Community Agent Training. Graduates of the Community Agent Training will be referred to as “Community Agents”.  Community Agents will then design, produce, and facilitate programs in their community under the guidance of The Pride Network.

About the Community Agent Training:

The Community Agent Training is a two day (16 hour) program where participants will learn the following:

  •  Leadership Skills
  •  Facilitation Skills
  •  Professionalism
  •  Collaboration Techniques
  •  LGBTQ History and Culture
  •  The Pride Network 101
  •  Roles and Responsibilities of being a Community Agent
  •  Program Development

After the completion of the training, Community Agents will sign a commitment to complete at least one program in their community under the guidance of The Pride Network.  Community Agents will be assigned a mentor that they will meet with 1:1 during the planning process.  Small grants may be available from The Pride Network to help produce these programs.  In addition, Community Agents can request support from Pride Network regional staff  to promote the event.

Application Process:

Individuals that wish to participate in the Community Agent Training Program  must fill out an application (parent/guardian signature required if applicant is under 18 years of age).

Renewal Process:

Community Agents will have the opportunity to continue to offer programs in their local communities with the support of The Pride Network, should they choose to remain active. Each year, regional staff will review Community Agents to determine if they are active or inactive.  If they are active, Regions are asked to provide a small report on the Community Agent’s performance. The Pride Network will also offer tools, programming, and other opportunities for alumnae to continue to learn, grow, and network after they have completed the program.

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