A SPEAK Summit is a day-long program where students come to learn leadership skills and practical solutions to facilitate change in their schools. The day is filled with presentations, workshops, panel discussions, and programs facilitated by experienced educators, student leaders, community activists, and motivational speakers. SPEAK Summits aim to teach students the importance of meaningful involvement and leadership in the LGBTQ community.

When is a SPEAK Summit coming to my area?

We currently offer SPEAK Summits in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut yearly.  While we don't have the capacity to offer summits in other states at the moment, you can request for a special training at your school by contacting jrudolph@ThePrideNetwork.org.

Who can attend SPEAK Summits?

SPEAK Summits are designed for high school and college students who are looking to learn leadership skills to bring back to their schools. Students don’t have to belong to an existing student organization to attend. Gay-Straight alliances, LGBTQ student organizations as well as advisors are encouraged to attend.