What are your ideas?

Our Social Impact Grants (SIGs) have the potential to transform communities through the empowerment of young LGBTQ+ student leaders.

The Pride Network invites you to submit your thoughts: Can you identify a challenge your local community is facing? Past SIIG projects have worked to create solutions for issues of homelessness, economic development, access to education/healthcare/healthy food, mental health support, lack of community building events, environmental protection, women's empowerment, neighborhoods in need of beautification, and more.

Here's a great example suggestion we received from one of TPN's local donors:

"Many of the LGBTQ+ students in local middle and high schools in my community do not have many resources to build community. I think it would be wonderful if a SIIG recipient could create a project to bring these younger students together so they could make more friends and know they're not alone."

We appreciate your feedback and we look forward to seeing which of our Social Impact Grant recipients elects to take on your idea.

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