The Pride Network's Social Innovation & Impact Grant program is designed to help create solutions and sustainably empower vulnerable communities through strategically investing resources and inspiring confidence in passionate LGBTQ+ youth leaders.

LGBTQ+ students selected for the Transformational Leadership Initiative will receive up to $2,000 of impact investment funding, access to our EMERGE+ leadership training, and a professional mentor to facilitate the success of their meaningful and sustainable local-impact project over the course of one year.

The launch of TPN’s Social Innovation & Impact Grants signals a paradigm shift in social justice work: It is our vision that young, LGBTQ+ leaders are empowered to address complex social challenges without having to rely on multi-million dollar organizations to create change at the grassroots. It is our vision to build a framework of holistic investment in emerging LGBTQ+ leadership, as a way to raise up brilliant minds and hearts as a sustainable solution to persistent societal dilemmas such as racism, transphobia, and inequity.

Program Objectives

Over the course of their experiences as a SIIG recipient, students can expect to increase their understanding of how to:

  • Develop a practical, discipline-oriented approach to problem solving
  • Develop a robust project mission and budget
  • Develop a strategic plan of action
  • Develop quantitative and qualitative metrics to measure the project’s impact
  • Develop a sustainability strategy to ensure that impact continues into the future
  • Develop new competencies that will serve their professional growth

Each project is to be completed within a one-year timeframe to ensure its success. SIIG recipients will be assigned a mentor that they can meet with 1:1 during the planning and implementation process.  

Application Process:

Individuals who wish to apply for a Social Innovation & Impact Grant must fill out an application (parent/guardian signature required if applicant is under 18 years of age). Please email [email protected] to receive an application.

Renewal Process:

SIIG recipients may have the opportunity to continue their projects with the support of The Pride Network, even after the one-year timeframe. The Pride Network will continue to offer other tools, support, and opportunities for alumni to continue to learn, grow, and network after they have completed the program.