Introducing Rocco Distefano!

The Pride Network is proud to partner with Rocco Distefano who will be providing a Spirituality and Health column. Rocco is a World Leader in the instruction of Higher Consciousness Learning, Meditation and Self love and the founder of the online community,

Since the age of 3, Rocco has been communicating and channeling information from a Higher Frequency and has shared messages with friends and family from their Angels, Spirit Guides, Higher Self and Departed Loved ones. 

In 1996, at 16, Rocco came out of the closet in a very conservative Catholic High School in Long Island New York. There was much opposition from school, family and friends but despite the adversity Rocco’s brave truth helped open the eyes of an entire community and he became a pioneering a voice for GLBT youth during that very turbulent and repressive time for Gay Rights Liberation. 

After high school Rocco searched for a way to manage the trauma of coming out. He read every book in the library and began his life long study of the psychology of human nature as seen through symbolism and intuition. Rocco began to give channeled readings for family and friends. His readings were accurate, moving and powerful. Using guidance from his angels he began to inspire his clients to step into their Life’s Purpose. He began writing meditations that would allow them to take confident new steps towards this purpose. Since then Rocco has taught in 5 countries on 2 continents and his Unique, Loving and Supportive reach is growing rapidly. All of his life’s work, products, services and meditations stem from his own desire to stand strong and blossom in the face of adversity while living as a shining example of Ethics, Truth, and Integrity. Rocco’s truly believes that YourLifeIsAwesome! 

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    UN Secretary Ban Ki Moom took some effective and remarkable steps for the preventing AIDS. More and more effective measures should be taken to make strong awareness.The is indicating the success of the goal till 2030

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