About the program


Connecting LGBTQ+ professionals with emerging young leaders for guidance and professional growth.

In addition to receiving a Social Impact Grant & The Pride Network's EMERGE+ leadership training, participants selected for the Transformational Leadership Initiative will also be awarded a professional mentor.

Mentors will be proven, effective LGBTQ+ & straight/ally professionals who can offer meaningful encouragement, guidance, and professional skills development as their mentee designs and executes their one-year-long social impact project and prepares for their future post-college.

Over the course of the year, The Pride Network’s staff will work to help mentors connect more deeply with their mentees to build rewarding, personal relationships. While mentors will inevitably serve as role models for the grant recipients, each mentor will also find that their mentees are sources of great inspiration and gratitude from working with such talented, passionate individuals.

Mentors will enrich their own lives, the lives of their mentees, all while contributing to the building of The Pride Network’s intergenerational support network of mentors, students, and alumni.


Become a mentor!


To be considered for the 2023 cohort, all mentor applicants must apply by May 12th, 2023

Mentors will be assigned to their mentees at our program orientation on June 2nd, 2023 @5pm EST



As mentors, you can expect– at a minimum– to:

1) Enjoy the process of working with a passionate and eager-to-learn young person
2) Refine your skills and strengths as you help someone with less experience develop new competencies
3) Create a legacy and impact through indirect efforts and support
4) Become a valued part of The Pride Network's growing network of emerging and established leaders
5) Feel connected to something larger than yourself
6) Serve your communities and grow professionally through new experiences in the role of a mentor
7) Discover new motivation, creative inspiration, and innovative ideas as YOU learn from your mentee who may have as much to teach you as you have to teach them



Below is a list of skills we are seeking in mentors:

- Program management

- Team management

- Time management

- Creating & managing a budget

- Financial literacy

- Initiating program partnerships

- Self-care

- Marketing

- Grassroots organizing

- Navigating the workplace as a minority



Over the 1-year course of the program, mentors will have the opportunity to work directly with their mentee on building core skills (see above) that will be required of them as they grow professionally and facilitate the success of their Social Impact project, funded through The Pride Network thanks to Equitable Financial.

Based on the mentor/mentee’s enthusiasm for engagement, pairs may arrange to meet more frequently to build skills, discuss new ideas, share updates, and offer individual encouragement throughout the year.

At a minimum, all mentors must to commit to the following:
1) A year-long commitment to your role as a mentor
2) Monthly calls with your mentee to discuss their project and help them develop new skills/competencies
3) Attendance at three milestone events during the year: Orientation (March 2022), Mid-Point Review (October 2022),
Graduation Ceremony (March 2023)
4) Maintenance of a log throughout the year, recording the subjects and competencies discussed with your mentee (a log template will be provided to you)

Mentors will be encouraged to meet with their students for 60-90 minutes–– at least once per month–– to discuss their mentee's social impact project and offer guidance.

In total, mentors can expect to dedicate an average of 1-2 hours/month for 12 months

- Checking in on your mentee

- Offering any project guidance

- Offering skills development

- Preparing micro-lessons

- Reading professional development books/watching skill-related videos together

- General support




Or, please contact [email protected] to talk more about this opportunity.