Pride Network announces Steven Gordon to serve as first Executive Director


BROOKLYN, NY: The Pride Network has chosen 13-Year non-profit veteran, Steven Gordon, to serve as the first Executive Director of the organization after extensive search. In the coming weeks, Gordon will lay out an ambitious plan to grow the mostly volunteer run organization. Pride Network will continue to groom LGBTQ youth and young adults to be leaders in their communities as well as teach fundamentals of grassroots movements, community organizing and social justice.

“The Pride Network will continue to work tirelessly to educate LGBTQ youth. I have seen firsthand the effects that homophobia, intersectional discrimination, and family rejection has on our youth. Conflated the discriminatory legislation and rhetoric coming from the current Presidential administration, the LGBTQ community and our advocates need to show up for our youth more than ever."

Gordon went on to mention the current President’s recent tweet stating that the military would not allow not transgender people to serve their country and the recent effort of the DOJ to roll back civil rights protections based on sexual orientation. “It is more important than ever that we stay informed of policies at both local and federal levels. Pride Network will be there on ground, to inform and galvanize young people” Gordon added.

Pride Network, now a national 501c3 non-profit organization, was started in 2008 by Christian Fuscarino, who currently serves as the Executive Director at Garden State Equality, in an effort to create a stronger LGBTQ community on the Hofstra University campus for students, faculty, and staff.

“I fully believe that youth are the bedrock for change in our country. With guidance and strong sense of community, there is nothing that our youth cannot accomplish.” board member Fuscarino said. “Steven has been volunteering with Pride Network for over 3 years in New York City, helping us with grant writing, fundraising, and lecturing young people at our Speak Summits. Steven is passionate about uplifting LGBTQ Youth and educating the next generation of leaders. Given our current political climate, we need to ensure the future is in good hands. Steven is the leader to do that.”

Darnell L Moore, a Brooklyn based writer and activists wrote of Gordon, “I’ve known Steven Gordon for a little less than a decade. He’s a leader for this time, a moment marked by political upheaval and the rolling back of equal protections for vulnerable groups like LGBT people, especially youth. I am thrilled to know Steven will be on the ground at The Pride Network as a part of a growing intersectional movement for social justice. I look forward to his leadership.”

Gordon has a continued vision for Pride Network. He has loved going onto college campuses and providing workshops to high school and college students in New Jersey, New York City, Long Island, and Connecticut. He plans to expand the reach of Pride Network to the corrections systems and social service organizations that serve homeless and street involved youth. Mr. Gordon also hopes to collaborate with local corporations to start a mentorship program for LGBTQ youth.

Rob Smith, Iraq War Veteran, LGBTQ Advocate, and Journalist wrote this about Gordon, “Steven's integrity, compassion, deep knowledge of LGBTQ issues coupled with his extensive experience with helping LGBTQ youth should make everyone certain that Pride Network is in great hands! He is a great man, a great friend, and a model advocate for our community.”

Gordon was born and raised in central New Jersey. His mother is also a lifelong non-profit worker who exposed Gordon very early on to the realities of disenfranchised communities.

In the summer of 2006, Gordon got a job opportunity that would change his life. He applied to be an Outreach Worker for a then, very small, housing and service provider to LGBTQ youth named The Ali Forney Center located in New York City. Gordon stayed at the Ali Forney Center, rising through the ranks to become its first ever Director of Drop-In Services, where he oversaw a crisis/triage center for actively homeless LGBTQ Youth. Gordon assisted the program’s growth from a 4 person team, to a 30 person operation that provided over 50 young people at day with medical, mental health, nutrition and access to housing services. Gordon stayed with the Ali Forney Center until 2013.

In 2014, Gordon joined the team of Gay Men of African Descent (GMAD), a 30-year-old community and Brooklyn based organization, as their Development Director. In his 3 years with GMAD, Gordon was able to help secure both grant and donor funds as well as act as an administrator of programs and services.

Reni Calister, a Board Member writes of Gordon’s experience, “We are so excited to be bringing on Steven Gordon as Executive Director of Pride Network. Steven is an expert fundraiser, programmer, and uniter. His extensive experience working with LGBTQ organizations perfectly positions him to lead Pride Network in our mission to connect, support, and educate the next generation of LGBTQ leaders.”

Another colleague wrote of Gordon, "I had the pleasure to work with Steven Gordon on a leadership academy for LGBTQ youth that we co-created," says Wil Fisher the former Executive Director of Easton Mountain, an LGBT retreat center located in upstate NY. "Steven does an incredible job creating space and opportunities for youth to step into their power and see themselves as leaders. I'm confident he will make an extraordinary impact on The Pride Network and the young people The Pride Network serves."

“We are in scary political, racial, and socioeconomic times. We are living in divided country with a divisive presidential administration. In the coming weeks, Pride Network will be developing an extensive outreach plan to make sure we are engaging and supporting as many youths as possible along with a development plan to support these efforts" said Gordon. "Pride Network is devoted to ensuring the next generation of LGBTQ leaders are developed, poised, and informed to make the necessary changes needed in their communities and in our country.”


Pride Network strives to develop a more involved and informed LGBTQ community through leadership programs and practical solutions that build, educate and empower sustainable community networks.

Pride Network envisions a society where strong community leaders create and sustain networks toward a more conscious and engaged LGBTQ culture. Pride Network also looks to a time when a fundamental part of being an LGBTQ person is the opportunity to access a community that empowers and informs the individual about their collective past, present, and future.


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