Upside Down Triangle Project

The Upside Down Triangle was actually created by the Nazis during the Holocaust. German soldiers would make prisoners wear different colored triangle badges on their jackets to categorize groups that included Jewish people, Gypsies, Jehovah Witnesses, anti-Nazi Germans, and Homosexuals. Pink triangles were given to gay people. Even after the concentration camps were liberated, many gay people remained imprisoned because the German Constitution categorized homosexuality as a felony.   After the early 1970's publication of concentration camp survivor Heinz Heger's memoir The Men with the Pink Triangle, many gay and lesbian rights groups used the pink triangle as an act of reclamation. In the 1980's Groups like Act-Up used the triangle as their call to arms for change. Today we see the triangle as a symbol of pride. 

The Pride Network is selling Triangle Pins as a fundraiser because of it's history. For a $50.00 donation, we will send you a pin and all of the proceeds will go directly to our programming for LGBTQ Youth. 

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