EMERGE+ Leadership Training




We believe that the future of leadership is heart-centered leadership.


The Pride Network deeply values healing and wholeness alongside professional growth.

EMERGE+ is a custom-designed, year-long training to foster the eight dimensions wellness in all participants. Topics will include:

  • Physical wellness (sleep, nutrition, stress & physiology)
  • Intellectual enrichment (ego mechanisms)
  • Emotional healing (shame, trauma, attachment theory, boundaries)
  • Social capital (Nonviolent Communication®, building community, trauma bonding in social justice)
  • Spiritual evolution (Map of Consciousness®, Radical Forgiveness®)
  • Vocational growth (Multiple Natures, bypassing "burnout")
  • Financial freedom (creating saving goals, investing, prosperity and abundance mindsets)
  • Environmental integrity (personal ecology, the Konmari method™, neighborhood clean-ups)


Training Expectations

We will share personal experiences, foster vulnerability, give/receive feedback only when requested, and generously hold space for honest discussion.

We expect all participants to explore the training materials (books, videos, prompts, encouraged new habits, etc.) in between our monthly meetings; there is only so much we can cover together in 90-minute sessions!

We expect all participants to not only learn about, but apply the training concepts in their daily lives and work.

We expect all participants to take personal responsibility for their own personal and professional growth.

We strive for all participants to enjoy this experience and blossom, both as leaders and individual people.


All participants selected for the Transformational Leadership Initiative will be able to leverage this training as an opportunity to go deeper into themselves and their healing, and refine their approach to community leadership.


“It is my heartfelt intention to cultivate leadership for personal transformation and professional development in order to create change within myself and my community.” -KiMani Divine, EMERGE+ facilitator