EMERGE+ Leadership Training




We believe that the future of leadership is heart-centered leadership.

Those selected for the Transformational Leadership Initiative will become part of a cohort, brimming with kind, thoughtful, and innovative leaders. The cohort will journey through our heart-centered leadership curriculum (EMERGE+) and will come together during our monthly training sessions.

Each of the 10 EMERGE+ training sessions will take place on the 2nd Saturday of the month, starting on June 10th

Sessions will be 3.5 hours long

Topics include:

  • Physical wellness (sleep, nutrition, stress & the autonomic nervous system)
  • Intellectual enrichment (core values, polarity dynamics, ego mechanisms)
  • Emotional healing (letting go of shame, intergenerational trauma, inner child & reparenting)
  • Social capital (Nonviolent Communication®, visualizing community, acknowledging trauma bonding in social justice)
  • Spiritual evolution (H.H. The Dalai Lama's Millennium Practice, exploring the Map of Consciousness®, Ho'Oponopono)
  • Vocational growth (Multiple Natures® & Multiple Intelligences, impostor syndrome, bypassing "burnout")
  • Financial freedom (healing money wounds, the Arigato Technique, money IQ vs. money EQ, prosperity/abundance mindsets)
  • Environmental integrity (Beloved Community, Broken Window Theory, home & neighborhood clean-ups)
Each participant will receive an EMERGE+ Training workbook that will serve as a guide, journal, and resource throughout the training journey.
We will accept applicants ages 20-30.

EMERGE+ Training: Expectations


  • We have high expectations that everyone will participate fully and make attendance at our sessions a top priority. Absences should only be due to a true emergency or non-negotiable travel plans that were previously communicated.
  • Full participation dramatically improves the experience for everyone. It also demonstrates honor and respect to the applicants who were not selected that you are making the most out of this unique opportunity. Commitment to full participation and your own personal transformation is absolutely essential.
  • All selected participants will receive a Transformational Leadership Initiative Program Participant Agreement, which outlines all expectations and can serve as a reference point throughout the program.
  • This training requires a high level of integrity, commitment, and emotional intelligence.
  • We will share personal experiences, foster vulnerability, give/receive feedback when requested, and generously hold space for honest discussion.
  • We expect all participants to explore the recommended supplementary materials (books, videos, prompts, encouraged new habits, etc.) in between our monthly meetings.
  • We expect all participants not only to learn about, but apply the training concepts in their daily lives and work.
  • We expect all participants to take personal responsibility for their own personal and professional growth.
  • We strive for all participants to enjoy this experience and blossom, both as leaders and individual people.




All participants selected for the Transformational Leadership Initiative will be able to leverage this training as an opportunity to go deeper into themselves and their healing, and refine their approach to community leadership.


“It is my heartfelt intention to cultivate leadership for personal transformation and professional development in order to create change within myself and my community.” -KiMani Divine, EMERGE+ facilitator