Our Purpose


The Pride Network offers emerging LGBTQ+ leaders opportunities for personal transformation and professional development to create change within themselves and in our communities.


Our Vision

The LGBTQ+ community is looking for leaders with the confidence, intelligence, and compassion required to commit to a path of empowerment both within themselves and in our broader society.

We call this the path of Transformative Leadership.

In every major wisdom tradition, we find that creating transformative change begins with transforming ourselves. And so through engaging our heads, hearts, and hands, The Pride Network offers emerging and established LGBTQ+ leaders tools and opportunities for physical, emotional, professional, and even spiritual development.

Thanks to the sacrifices and progress of past generations, today’s LGBTQ+ young people are exposed to more opportunities for empowerment than ever before; but, when we look closely, we find that LGBTQ+ youth are still struggling to reach their full potential.

The Pride Network looks to a future where all people have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

By and large, LGBTQ+ people are uniquely positioned to be transformative leaders in our country and our communities. Our often hard-fought journeys to self-acceptance come with lessons about empathy, creativity, perseverance, and diversity-- Qualities desperately needed in leadership today.

We are growing our network of emerging and established leaders to offer knowledge, skills, and relationships that empower all of us to reach our full potential and transform the communities we serve.