Black Gay Veteran publishes Iraq War memoir, ‘Closets, Combat and Coming Out’

Rob Smith has been a volunteer with The Pride Network for several years now. He shares his coming out stories with young people and encourages them to be true to themselves.

In his book, Rob is a young African-American man coming to terms with his sexuality amid the backdrop of the hyper-masculine, homophobic U.S. Army.

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Remembering ACT-UP Co-Founder Carl Goodman

Carl Goodman, one of the original ACT-UP co-founders committed suicide in Rhode Island this past week. Goodman was a pioneer in our movement and will be deeply missed. Michael Petrelis, another original ACT-UP co-founder, talks about losing his good friend and fellow activist:

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Victor Cruz of the New York Giants Inspired by Openly Gay 19-year Old

Victor Cruz of the New York Giants sits down with 19-year-old, Joey Kemmerling, to talk about years of bullying and to draw comparisons to each others lives.

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NY Police Officer Seeking More LGBT Auxiliary Presence

The 6th Precinct which covers the West Village is recruiting for the Police Auxiliary, class is this March. What better way to take back our streets in the village than to show a LGBT uniform presence, and bring the community closer with pride.

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